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Windows Mobile Protection on a Smart Card

In Encryption, Smartphones, Windows Mobile on March 6, 2009 at 10:53

certgate’s Protector for Smartphones proves you don’t need complex solutions to protect sensitive information.

certgate Protector for Smartphones

certgate Protector for Smartphones

Simply plug it into your SD card slot on your phone, and your ready to go.  No special drivers, no special software.  Everything is on the card.  Features include:

  • Reliable protection against unauthorized access, even if the device is lost, through encryption of all user data
  • Encrypted storage of sensitive data in the flash memory of the certgate card Read-only system components and configuration data
  • Use of own application signatures for maximum security
  • Protected access to certgate Smart Card by means of Smart Card PIN
  • Secure email encryption
  • Access to protected network through VPN channel by using personal certificates stored on certgate Smart Card
  • Access to secure websites via SSL protocol or ex­change servers by using personal certificates stored on certgate Smart Card Smart
  • Card log-on and access to device also possible during boot-up
  • Tamperresistant activating and deactivating of device interfaces and drivers; Bluetooth, WLAN, Ac­tiveSync-USB/RNDIS, IrDA, camera; blocking of ports, etc.
  • Tamper-proof activating and deactivating of device applications and functions; blocking of ports, config SMS, auto-updates, numerous possible configurations, etc.
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