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Interesting Find: Chrome exposes links

In Cybercrime, Google Chrome, Insider risk on October 6, 2009 at 07:51

Have you ever wanted to see where a link takes you or whether it actually downloads what you expect?  If so, you know there are add-ons for FireFox and other browsers that provide this functionality.  However, I just noticed this morning while working within my research SandBoxie sandbox that Google Chrome apparently provides this functionality out-of-the-box.


When I hover my mouse icon over a link, the destination or file references appears in the lower left corner of my browser window.  Not perfect, but a nice quick-check.

  1. Hi Tom! I just started following your blog in Google Reader. Interesting post, but doesn’t every browser do this? As long as the status bar is enabled, I have this same functionality in IE and Firefox.

    • Yes. In fact, I have a nice add-on for FireFox which also allows expansion of shortened URLs. However, I don’t remember seeing this in Chrome before. I could be mistaken, since I don’t use it except within a sandbox. So I don’t care where it takes me since I don’t use the sandbox for anything else.

  2. Do you have any blog posts where you’ve elaborated further on this sandbox idea? I surf mindlessly on my work laptop all the time, and often connect to public WiFi (coffee shops, hotels, etc). I know, I know… dumb! 🙂

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