Tom Olzak

IMHO: What we really need is OS stability

In High Performance Systems on April 1, 2010 at 12:21

Intel and AMD show divergent multi-core strategies – – formerly  This is great.  We will soon be putting 64 or more processors in our servers.  Sort of like we did in the 90’s with the AS/400.  So this is better, right?  Well, maybe.

The AS/400 ran OS/400, a stable and very programmer- and business-friendly operating system.  So what will businesses put on these new high-performance catch-ups?

As we build PCs bigger and better–yes, a typical server is just a big, beefy micro-computer–IT departments may want to start considering operating systems built for reliability and performance.  Yes, there will be moaning about the need to retrain all the MCSEs on staff, but there was moaning when CNEs (including me)  had to give up Netware.  We all survived.

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