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The death of text CAPTCHA? I hope so…

In CAPTCHA, Computers and Internet, Security Management on February 22, 2013 at 20:25

In a Yahoo article posted yesterday (Internet advertisers kill text-based CAPTCHA – Yahoo! News), Mike Wehner writes about possible changes to text CAPTCHA hell.  Yes, I said hell.  I am nearing my sixth decade of life on this planet, and I sometimes have to give up and make a phone call when trying to use some of the inane CAPTCHA  implementations I encounter.  I am willing to suffer a second or two with ads to select.

I am not alone in my journey through the CAPTCHA quagmire.  According to Wehner, negotiating a CAPTCHA takes an average of 14 seconds.  Some take much, much longer.  This is leading some companies out of the swamps and toward ad-based verification.

Solve Media is the big player in this space, and the graphic below demonstrates how ad-based CAPTCHA works.  Instead of typing meaningless drivel, she enters text related to the displayed product.  Easy and designed to drill product messages into our heads.

From Solve Media Video

From Solve Media Video

I know.  Just one more way to commercialize the Web… but I don’t care.  If I can cut CAPTCHA frustration while helping vendors carry out Turing tests, I’m OK with this.  How about you?



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